Rachel White from Shaftesbury, Dorset

The Align Footwear® insoles have helped Rachel White from Shaftesbury, Dorset.

– I suffer from arthritis in my right knee, the discomfort from that had caused me to walk in a way where I was trying to compensate for the pain.

This meant I walked heavily on my left foot which resulted in me suffering from plantar fasciitis in that heel.

I saw the align insoles advertised on Facebook and thought I would try them.

When they arrived it took a good two weeks before I began to notice a real difference. I realised I was able to get through the day at work without limping home. I am a Teaching Assistant in a Secondary school, so I am on my feet most of the day.

Now two months on the plantar fasciitis has gone and where the insoles have straightened up my heels which in turn straightens my arthritic knee, the discomfort there has been greatly eased.

I can walk without limping or hobbling. I look forward to going out for a walk now.

Rachel White Align Footwear insoles