Mrs Mitchell from Perthshire, Scotland

The Align Footwear® insoles have provided Mrs Mitchell from Perthshire, Scotland,
pain relief.

– I’ve probably spent a couple of hundred pounds plus hours attending hospital for orthotics which haven’t done much good to help my walking.

Bought these insoles a couple of months ago and found them to be the best by far. I’ve one leg shorter than the other, but all I’ve done is put a pad of cotton wool under the sole at the heel. I can’t walk miles, but then again I haven’t for years, but I can wear shoes I like now and I’m off to buy another pair to save me changing them for shoes to shoes.

The pain I had is very long term. I broke my left ankle twice as a teenager and over the years it has caused discomfort. As a young person you ignore such things. Also I have left leg weakness owning to a serious accident in my 40s. That doesn’t help. Now I’m in my 70s, I can no longer ignore the swelling, leg pain and ankle pain and I could no longer wear some of my lovely boots and shoes as my ankle was too rigid/swollen.

For a few years I have been consulting with podiatrist professionals at my local hospitals and they gave me the ‘standard issue’ of half insoles with heavy reliance on arch support. Also they raised the heel of my left foot as I could not place it on the floor. I’ve worn their insoles for a few years but found them uncomfortable and they didn’t fit in most of my footwear so I’ve been wearing trainers most of the time and they give little support.

Since wearing Align Footwear® insoles I find my leg pain far less and my ankle less swollen most of the time. They fit well into shoes which have removable soles and I have a few pairs which suit. They are very comfortable and by far the best I’ve tried.

Also they are very well made and must be fairly durable as I’ve been using them every day since I bought them.

Align Footwear insoles