Linda O’Harrow from Portsmouth

When Linda O’Harrow woke up in the morning she dreaded having to stand up.

– As soon as I did the pain shot through my ankle bone and up to my leg, it would be like this for the first one to two hours each day and they would fade away for a while. I could never stand for more than 10-15 minutes before the pain got so much I had to sit down again.

Linda O’Harrow talked to a lot of specialists during this time.

– The doctor sent me to physio which I did for 8 weeks with no change, they told me it was my discs causing the pain. They then sent me to a consultant who said nothing they could do hi to pain management classes. I got so fed up not being able to walk so I tried whatever I could think of to help.. I did 13 intensive weeks, some weeks I went twice to chiropractor and sports massage they then suggested going for an mri. So I saw another consultant who did an mri and said my spine has arthritis and maybe injections would work but otherwise just go to pain clinic!  I gave up I tried acupuncture, reflexology, Pilates just about anything that I thought would help..

Then she ordered the Align Footwear® insoles, and she made sure to transfer them to each pair of shoes that she wore.

– I noticed the difference immediately. I felt like my legs were being gently pushed to a different position which is probably where they were correcting my feet and after a couple of hours I didn’t notice them but oh my god what I did notice was I could stand up a lot longer even for a few hours. They gradually just got longer and longer and now a few months down the line I can stand for a good 4-6 hours without having to sit down.

I feel like I am walking taller and probably straighter which must be helping my back as well… so do I recommend these insoles? I certainly do and I only bought them as I had a high instep! I didn’t think they would stop what the consultants and health officials couldn’t do but I’m so glad I tried them. Thank you for giving me my life back!


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