Lavinia Young

Lavinia Young damaged her right knee about 20 years ago, and over the years it has become more and more painful.

– In trying to take the pain away from that knee I have been compensating by transferring my weight over to the other leg causing pain in that one as well. I have tried knee braces with limited success and for the last two years have been taking painkillers and using kinesio tape to support them. I felt that my knees were losing muscle strength as going upstairs was very painful and I ended up almost pulling myself up them, Lavinia Young says.

Then she decided to order the Align Footwear® insoles. At first she wasn’t impressed by the look of the insole, but then she felt the effect.

– When I received them I must admit I was a little disappointed! They looked too slim to be effective. It was a whole week before I bothered to put them into my shoes for a trial run. I decided to not use the kinesio tape or painkillers so I could truly judge their efficacy. Even after the first day I was so pleased. Less knee pain less stiffness in my knees and my legs didnt feel so heavy. I walk dogs three times a day and can now go upstairs again without pulling myself up!

I have now used them for 17 days – no painkillers or tape!


Align Footwear insoles