825 km to Santiago de Compostela – with Align Footwear insoles in the hiking boots

Peter Remmen from Denmark wore Align Footwear® insoles in his hiking boots all the way to Santiago de Compostela, in northern Spain, i.e. 825 kilometres …
It was not pain that inspired Peter Remmen to try a pair of Align Footwear® insoles. At a Health Fair, which he visited in 2015, he discovered the Align Footwear® insoles.

“I always had problems with my heels. When I was told that I had a 60 days money back guarantee in order to try the Align Footwear® insoles on my own feet, I was convinced.
Maybe they could improve the heels of my shoes as well? I wore the insoles for 30 minutes during the Fair and I could already feel the difference, “
explains Peter Remmen.’

Peter Remmen now wears Align Footwear® insoles in all his footwear. Peter works in the computer industry. He wears the Align Footwear® insoles when bicycling to work, but also at work and after work.

“I feel like I’m walking more aligned and leaning on the whole surface of the soles of my feet. I have a completely different posture and pace. “
The insoles became a natural part of the challenge that Peter Remmen took up on this hike. After training, he began “El Camino”, the famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, north of the Iberian Peninsula. An adventure he started from Saint Jean Pied de Port.

“It’s a fantastic experience across the Pyrenees,” he explains.
The hike ends after about 800 km – at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
“Originally, it was my dad’s dream, to hike El Camino. Unfortunately, he never had the opportunity: he became ill and died. I promised myself that I will make this trip for him, “says Peter Remmen.

By the end of September he had walked 300 km to train. Five weeks later, he walked a total of 825 km on foot, the full length of El Camino, with Align Footwear® insoles in his hiking boots and in an extra pair of shoes.

“I hurt my foot before leaving for Spain. My left heel was quite painful. But I could walk 20 km every day with the insoles before it started to hurt me. Without the Align Footwear® insoles in my boots and shoes, I probably would not have been able to move around after bathing, doing the laundry, and cooking my dinner, “continues Peter Remmen.
The insoles played a determining role for Peter Remmen and allowed him to finish this gruelling Spanish adventure.

“As for my heel, I owe a lot to the Align Footwear® insoles for this trip as in everyday life. The constant heel load had a detrimental effect and resulted in the formation of a heel spur, which the Align Footwear® insoles relieved. Furthermore, the insoles are reducing the wear on the heels of my shoes which, as a result, last longer. “