We offer you the chance to sign up to become an Align Footwear Sales Agent in the United Kingdom

• If you are qualified and trained to administer body and feet therapies, i.e. you are an experienced physiotherapist, foot therapist, foot carer, masseur, reflexologist, posturology therapist, occupational therapist or have similar qualifications.

• Selected fitness centres with associated (body) trained staff and personal trainers.

Would you like to play a vital role in the future Align Footwear sales agent networking organisation in the United Kingdom?

– For the benefit of your clients, customers and, not least, your business

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Mrs. Inge Eskholm, – Owner, Akupunkturgården (Acupuncturist), Denmark

“It is important to me – as a self-employed person with my own business – that I only sell products, which I personally can vouch for- and I am very excited about Align Footwear® insoles. It really is a trustworthy product and, on a daily basis, I really do see the difference these insoles can make. At the same time, it’s fantastic that you can offer your customers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. The guarantee ensures that no-one wastes their money – and customers pay only for a product that really works for them – and Align insoles really do.”

Mr. Ole Søgaard, – Owner, Clinic for Foot Therapy (Chiropodist), in Esbjerg – Denmark

“Well, they are actually quite easy to sell – and if you make an effort to display the boxes visibly at your clinic and remember to recommend the insoles to your customers, sales will just get even better. I have often received visits to the clinic by customers who came solely because they found my web site where I recommend and sell these insoles. This is a good and trustworthy product, which I definitely can recommend. I have had very positive experiences with them. One customer even got rid of her shoulder pain and could start golfing again. I use them myself – I can’t live without them! I have had problems with my right knee – it feels like “bone on bone”. You automatically start walking a little crookedly to avert or minimise discomfort. With these insoles, I walk correctly and aligned – and feel great relief.”