Testimonials from very happy customers

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Melanie Elkington Align Footwear insoles

Melanie Elkington from Kenilworth

- They felt so right that I bought several more pairs ... I now have one for my trainers , one for my Orienteering shoes, one for my walking boots and a pair for my slippers, Melanie Elkington explains.

Rachel White Align Footwear insoles

Rachel White from Shaftesbury, Dorset

- Now two months on the plantar fasciitis has gone and where the insoles have straightened up my heels which in turn straightens my arthritic knee, the discomfort there has been greatly eased, Rachel White says.

Trudy Whitehead Align Footwear insoles

Trudy Whitehead from Chester

- I have had my insoles for a couple of weeks now and, wow, what a difference. My feet are aligned correctly and I noticed the impact immediately, Trudy Whitehead says.

Align Footwear insoles

Linda O’Harrow from Portsmouth

Linda O'Harrow has felt a lot of pain in her ankle and her leg the past 2 years. Using the Align Footwear® insoles have helped her. - Thank you for giving me my life back, she says.

Align Footwear insoles

Lavinia Young

The Align Footwear® insoles make a great difference for Lavinia Young. - My mobility has considerably improved. Less stiffness in my knees and no more need for painkillers, she says.

Align Footwear insoles

Mrs Mitchell from Perthshire, Scotland

- Since wearing these insoles I find my leg pain far less and my ankle less swollen most of the time. They are very comfortable and by far the best I’ve tried, Mrs Mitchell explains.

Align Footwear® visits Associate Professor of Anatomy, Lars Dalhoff

Align Footwear® insoles are working in the direction of something really positive for really many people all over the world. I do believe – based on my experience and competences - that these insoles might be the end of heel spurs, sciatic pain, supination and pronation.

825 km to Santiago de Compostela – with Align Footwear insoles in the hiking boots

Peter Remmen from Denmark wore Align Footwear® insoles in his hiking boots all the way to Santiago de Compostela, in northern Spain, i.e. 825 kilometres ... It was not pain that inspired Peter Remmen to try a pair of Align Footwear® insoles.

Less weight helps Tove getting through the day

Tove Nedergaard has lost 25 kilos – thanks to many walks made possible by means of the Align Footwear insoles in all her footwear… Life itself has changed considerably for 64-year-old Tove Nedergaard. She used to spend her time on the couch, nearly paralysed by serious back pain. Ordinary everyday tasks as cooking og vacuum […]