Why do I wear the Align Footwear insoles in all my footwear today….

“My Align Story” by Mette Fly – CEO Align Footwear

”When I was 13 years old – way back in 1980 – my doctor ordered me to lie absolutely still on the couch for 3 months! Why – you may ask?!

Well, quite simply because my back did hurt a lot due to a crooked gait based on a really flat right foot. This flat foot made me walk, run and stand wrongly and my whole body posture was influenced by this fact (what is known as “over pronation” and misalignment I found out many years later). This “lie still ordering” made me quite unhappy as I loved to play handball and volleyball and suddenly, I was not allowed to so for 90 day! I will never forget this period of my life but that was how to treat bad backs – at least for some of us – in the eighties ….as well as pain killers of course, when the pain became too unbearable.

When my best friend 4 years ago ”ordered” me to try out some new and innovative insoles on the market in my footwear, I was quite frankly a bit sceptic! But he insisted in me giving them a chance so that I could “straighten up the crooked cadaver of mine” as he so kindly did put it! I remember that I thought to myself – well, I have spent so much money and time the last 35 years on trying all kinds of artificial arch support, wedges and pads underneath my foot in order to walk correctly and avoid back pain – without any positive results at all. So I was not really motivated to trying out these new kinds of insoles – but what else to do to keep a great friendship than to obey his order!

Wearing these new insoles for two weeks resulted in a very sore arch muscle underneath my right foot – no wonder as this muscle had been ”week, lazy and sleeping” for more than 35 years as I used to place and wear an artificial support under it – however, something started happening in my body and feet by now! Many years of back pain became less for each day and my sore muscle in my arch became less sore and painful as well……. I could not believe it! The fact that a simple rubber insole in my shoes was what it should take in order to avoid pain and tiredness in my body and feet was just too overwhelming for me and I could hardly believe it! But that was exactly what to do – today I wear the Align Footwear insoles in all my footwear (ballerina shoes, boots with high heels, sneakers, pumps and in sandals with closed heels) and I’m now able to dance all night long without walking and standing like”a very old lady” the day after a party (at least it will not be due to a sore body and feet, if I feel a bit groggy the day after!).

Well – this was the story about my body and feet and how the Align Footwear insoles work for me – however, how they will work for you and your body is only you to experience! This is the reason why I have decided to offer all my customers a 60 days money back guarantee – if they do not experience a positive effect on body and feet as I did, they may return the insoles within the two months and get their money back. NOBODY should waste their money on buying my insoles – that’s a guarantee.

It is, however, great to know that I’m NOT the only one having better life quality and feeling wellness when using these insoles. When you do not feel pain and become tired in your body and feet when standing, walking and running, you often want to move your body and feet even further….and the more, you exercise, the better you will get! This is exactly the reason why the slogan of my company Align Footwear is as follows:”Make headway. Be kind to your feet”J

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