Align Footwear® insoles

Feel more well-being and energy – try these insoles on your own body and feet…you have 60 Days Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping!

What’s not to love?

Five kinds of Footwear with Fly

Insoles in your boots

Insoles in your ankle boots

Insoles in your high heels

Insoles in your flat shoes

Insoles in your sandals

More than 300.000 people in Europe cannot be wrong!

The patented Triplanar Points Technology, developed by an American physiotherapist together with a Danish investor, results in reduced pronation and supination.

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Align Footwear® sål fra

The Align Footwear® insoles may be beneficial for the more than 80 % of all human beings in the world, having problems in their bodies and feet each and every day.

These insoles may be worn by children, teenagers, women and men who wish for an active day and working days. They will fit into all kinds of footwear.

Align Footwear® is a Danish company, situated with its headquarters and storage facilities in Ikast, offering their insoles for sale in 15 European webshops in 8 different languages.

Furthermore, the insoles are available for sale in more than 280 clinics all over Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Spain. These clinics employ physiotherapists, state authorized foot therapists, chiropodists etc, i.e. highly competent employees with knowledge and many years of experiences within body and feet and the challenges, from which their clients may suffer.

These Align Footwear® dealers as well as the employees at Align Footwear®, having competences and knowledge within e.g.

Heel spur (please see more information here),
Sunken forefoot (please see more information here),
Flat feet (please see more information here),
Knees and jumpers’ knee (please see more information about both here),
Hips (please see more information here),

are thus the fundament for you to always feel safe and secure when buying the insoles from Align Footwear®.

Please notice that if they do not get you back on track – within 60 days, you will get your money back.

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